Our Story

Peanut Oil. Sesame Oil. Coconut oil.Sunflower.  So many oils to choose from in the market. But why don’t refined oils taste, smell or resemble their healthy, delicious sources? Chandrasekar never gave it a thought until he developed health complications despite using those “healthy” oils in the market….

As a health enthusiast, Chandrasekar was shocked when he was diagnosed with high blood pressure and cholesterol. He then decided to further examine every ingredient that went into his meals. What he found out about his “healthy” cooking oil disturbed him. Further research led him to realise how refining methods like high heat, chemical flushing and the employment of certain gases and harmful elements reduced the cooking oils to a tasteless, odourless poison in pretty packaging! The high amount of saturated fats and toxic compounds in refined oils trigger chronic inflammation in the body that is responsible for every health condition ranging from diabetes, blood-pressure and elevated cholesterol to heart complications and possibly even cancer!

 When he discussed this with friends and family, he realised that most people were unaware of the health risks of consuming refined oils. It was easily available in stores and heavily marketed too! He wished that healthier options were also available to consumers.

Chandrasekar was reminded of his childhood days when he accompanied his grandfather to the traditional village oil mill called the Ghani/Mara chekku. He recollected the pleasant, nutty aroma of fresh wood-pressed oils, the delicious authentic taste that was exactly like the earthy seeds they were extracted from and most of all, he remembered how healthy the village folk were. If he could employ the traditional Mara Chekku method to extract cooking oils, he was sure his health would bounce back again. And he was right!

Months within consuming natural, healthy cold-pressed cooking oils, his blood pressure and cholesterol levels were normalized. Chandrasekar decided to turn his fond childhood memories into his profession and established a traditional Mara Chekku set-up in Bangalore in 2019. He coined the term “Nature Pure Edible Oils” for his new venture with the aim of providing healthy, natural cold-pressed oils for customers to enjoy nature’s purity and goodness in every drop.

All Nature- Pure Edible oils are chemical and additive-free with a shelf- life of six months under room temperatures. If transferred to airtight containers and stored in a cool, dark, dry place, the shelf- life could be extended to 9 months. Nature Pure’s cold-pressed edible oils like everything else in nature is best consumed within a shorter time frame.

“Cold-pressed edible oils are direct derivatives of Nature. Why do we need dangerous chemical middlemen to enjoy natural foods?”