Nature Pure


“Obtain pure nutrition like nature intended,” is our philosophy at Nature Pure Edible Oils. Our “naturally, pure and healthy” promise is something we live up-to in every cold-pressed edible oil we manufacture because you deserve the best Mother Nature can offer you. Unlike a lot of brands that trick customers with “healthy” labels and sell chemical-ladencookingoils, we are very transparent about our manufacturing process as we wish to give you the healthiest, high quality, nature- approved cold-pressed oils.

Right to food is a basic human right! This right shouldn’t come at the cost of health problems. When our body derives naturally sourced nourishment, our systems will work optimally as Mother Nature intended. Our ancestors understood this simple fact. Today we live in cities, far away from traditional oil mills but Nature Pure Edible Oils is dedicated towards recreating that healthy experience for you with our Ghani/ Mara chekku oils.

We bring you completely chemical free, cold- pressed edible oils which are crushed and extracted with the traditional wooden press popularly known as Ghani or Mara chekku. These cooking oils offer you the following benefits:

  • Retain a healthy omega3- omega 6 ratio. This crucial fatty acid ratio is imbalanced in refined oils (higher in unhealthy omega- 6 acids) causing chronic inflammation, the leading cause of deadly illnesses that affect our major organs.
  • Retain essential nutrients destroyed in refined oils (vitamin E, antioxidants, phospholipids, protein etc).
  • Free from unhealthy trans- fat and saturated fat due to the absence of unnecessary chemical-based techniques employed in refined oils. So, you can have a healthier heart, prevent diabetes and maintain a healthy waist-line!
  • No extra heating = No toxic by- products. Your heart, liver and intestine will thank you for this!
  • Free from additives. That means, happy hormones and a healthier immune system!
  • Retains natural colour, aroma and taste. Say hello to yummier food!
  • Do not use genetically modified crops. Our dried edible seeds are obtained directly from farmers who use safe, natural farming techniques. When we say our cold-pressed edible oils are natural, we mean it. You don’t just have the right to food. You have the right to the healthiest food and in turn a healthier life!