What is meant by cold pressed oils?

Oils extracted through the traditional mara-chekku method by applying pressure on appropriate nutrient rich seeds or beneficial fruits in the absence of damaging factors like heat are referred to as cold pressed oils. The speciality of cold pressed oils is that they retain the original authentic smell, flavour and have rich nutrient value because of which they are far superior to refined oils (stocked in supermarket aisles) and can be employed for cooking and cosmetic purposes. To add to its goodness factor, cold pressed oils are free of chemicals of any nature and artificial preservatives.

Why are cold pressed oils preferred to refined oils?

Refined oils are undesirable due to the following reasons:

● They are manufactured in factories using machines that employ high heat and harmful chemicals.
● High heat destroys the beneficial nutrient value of oils and chemicals used are the likes of hexane which are toxic for the human body over a period of time.
● They have unstable PUFA's (Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids) that makes them easily susceptible to oxidation processes when exposed to heat or light further resulting in rancidity.
● They have increased trans- fat content which slowly damages your heart. Trans fats are especially high in hydrogenated oils found in margarine, vegetable shortening, ready-made packed snacks etc
● Sodium hydroxide which is added during refining step disrupts your digestive system over time.
● Nickel employed during processing of refined oils is considered a carcinogenic agent (cancer-causing agent).
● Consumption of refined oils decreases the body's immune system, increases inflammation, increases bad cholesterol etc. Many scientists have also linked refined oil consumption to diabetes, major heart conditions, respiratory diseases (due to presence of dangerous bleaching and de-odourising agents) and even cancer.

Are cold pressed oils safe to consume and employ for skincare?

All Nature Pure cold pressed oils have been extracted in alignment with quality hygienic standards as follows:

● Source material (nuts/ seeds/ fruits) utilised are free from pesticides, unwanted agricultural chemicals and have high nutritional value.
● Our employees take care to wear gloves, safety masks and other such protective clothing gear to avoid contamination of oils at all stages of production.
● We utilise RO water for the manufacturing process.
● Chemicals are absent during the mara-chekku extraction process.
● Artificial preservatives, colourants, added fragrances are complete absent.

So, go ahead and use Nature Pure cold pressed oils in your kitchen, DIY skincare and haircare recipes.

Are cold pressed oils completely natural products?

For starters, our source materials (nuts/ seeds/ fruits) have been obtained through ethical and sustainable channels, are free from pesticides, harmful agricultural chemicals and offer unadulterated nutrient- rich values. Furthermore, the method of extraction employed- the Mara-chekku method involves a simple wood-pressing procedure without involving damaging factors like heat or chemicals of any kind. So, yes! Nature Pure cold pressed oils are all- natural oils!

Why choose Nature Pure cold pressed oils?

Nature Pure's founder, Mr. Chandrashekhar had an unexpected health scare due to years of refined oil consumption. Shocked by the number of chemicals and health deterrents present in regular bottled oils, he reminisced about the authentic, nutrient-rich, chemical-free cold pressed oils he used to consume as a child whenever he visited his village. He even remembered his visits to the oil mill that employed the traditional mara-chekku wood-press. Inspired to bring back those healthy, nutritious, aromatic experiences, he founded Nature Pure and specially ensures that all Nature Pure cold-pressed oils are sourced, manufactured and dispatched in an ethical fashion with NO unwanted processing, harmful bleaching, artificial preservatives and the like. Instead, Nature Pure as the name suggests provides you nature's purity in every drop of cold pressed oil.

What are the possible benefits of cold-pressed oils?

Cold Pressed Oils are a singular change you can incorporate in your daily routine for a healthier you:

● Cold Pressed oils retain maximum nutrient value due to absence of heat in wood-press extraction process.
● Cold Pressed oils have much higher antioxidants (compounds that reduce inflammation), vitamin E and good fatty acids compared to refined oils.
● Cold Pressed Oils retain original flavour, odour and reminds you of grandma's favourite recipes.
● Cold Pressed Oils are not deodorized or subjected to artificial processing techniques.
● Cold Pressed Oils are free from toxic solvents.
● Cold Pressed Oils are completely free from artificial colourants, preservatives and fragrances.

What is the expiry period of cold pressed oils?

As Nature Pure's cold pressed oils contain no artificial preservatives and chemicals they can be utilised for a period of six months after the manufacturing date.

What varieties of cold-pressed oils are available at Nature Pure?

Nature Pure offers the following cold pressed oils:

● Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
● Cold Pressed Niger Seed Oil
● Cold Pressed Black Sesame Oil
● Cold Pressed White Sesame Oil
● Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil
● Cold Pressed Mustard Seed Oil
● Cold Pressed Castor Oil
● Cold Pressed Safflower Oil
● Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil
● Cold Pressed Almond Oil
● Cold Pressed Walnut Oil
● Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil
● Cold Pressed Neem Seed Oil
● Cold Pressed Kalonji Oil
● Cold Pressed Moringa Oil