Privacy Policy

 We (Nature Pure) value you and your privacy. You can be rest assured that your personal details entered on the website ( are utilised only by company personnel for processing your orders. You are advised to go through our Privacy Policy thoroughly before making avail of the websites services. Using the website conveys consent on your part regarding the collection of your personal information in compliance with our Privacy Policy.

 The Nature Pure site may ask you to disclose personal details regarding yourself which includes (and isn't limited to full name, contact details (mobile number), e-mail address (including alternate ones), area codes (zip code or postal code) or any further details required to process your order/ create your personalized id.

 The user information provided by you helps us create features customized for you, communicate with you with regards to orders and adverts (for Nature Pure products only), enable you to better use our site, help us better cater to your service requests and to retain social history with strict adherence to the laws that govern them.

 The Site has links to alternate websites apart from Nature Pure. We shall not be held accountable for privacy policies and practises of these websites which don't fall under our management. However, if Nature Pure decides to merge with another business organisation ( or organisations) we shall be at liberty to share your personal information with them with the understanding that they would adhere to our privacy policies that have been designed to secure your privacy.

 Financial details shall be used by the Nature Pure website ( to process orders and not for any other reasons. We shall not disclose your personal details to anyone without your permission unless requested by a court of law, notices sent by legal bodies or authorities or law enforcement offices or in order to respond to subpoenas/court orders.

 Policy Amendments: Nature Pure reserves the right to make amendments to our Privacy Policy at any point in time. We will put up a notice on the website with regards to this and changes shall be updated accordingly to