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The word 'virgin' is used across the oil industry from olive oil to rapeseed to coconut. In the oil industry the word 'virgin' actually refers to a specific technicality and is worth knowing about before making any purchase decision. Coconut oil, or any oil for that matter, can only use the term 'virgin' if it has been cold pressed, ie the oil has been extracted from the flesh using physical force only. This type of oil is also referred to as the 'first press', because this is the oil that comes out of the flesh first, and normally requires little effort to extract.

Because of this, virgin coconut oil is thought of as the 'purest' kind of oil since it takes the least amount of effort to get to it. This makes virgin oil particularly aromatic and flavourful, which is great if you love the taste of coconut, but becomes less appealing if you are consuming coconut oil for the health benefits alone and don't want the dominant smell and taste of coconut oil to overpower everything you are cooking.